My attempt at building a loose replica of my favorite displays from the Horror Exhibition at MoPop.

The Build:

Gathering sticks!

An unsuspecting skeleton.

A dismembered skeleton.

Work begins on the frame.

Fastening the arm onto the branches

Quick size check to make sure his wingspan won't exceed the width of my front door.

Rough layout plans

Torso and arms all fastened onto the main frame. Starting to look super spooky.

The jaw didn't open very far by default, and I wanted a wide-open screaming vibe, so the jaw was cut from the skull and reattached with at a wider angle. Also, the skull did not include a stick growing out of it by default, so I added one of those as well.

Final assembly..!

And complete!

Final resting place on my front door spooking people out in the hall way!