We have Earlywood at Home

Published: 2023-11-10

I have a favorite spatula. It looks like this:

Whatever this spatula is made out of (I think it's oak?) is too soft and too porous for heavy kitchen use. I'm tying to remake it out of hard maple.

I trace it out onto a nice piece of maple:

And I notice something about the shape of the off cuts.

They look sorta like the scrapers Earlywood makes. I get side tracked with attempting to make my own version.

The maple stock was 3/4" thick. The pencil line is the thickness I thought I wanted (I ended up at 5/32"). For some reason, I thought it'd be easier and faster to hand plane down to that line rather than saw down to the line (it was not).

About 40 minutes later, I had a thing!

Here is is prior to finishing. It looks pretty OK if you ignore the passive plane tracks.

After a coat of tung oil:

It looks like trash, but it's my trash! I forged it with my own two hands!