Rebuilding the really, really specific thing holder

The original Thing Holder died a bitter, terrible death.

I decide to rebuild. This time out of wood. I've watched hours of Paul Sellers on Youtube. I'm filled with my usual amount of hubris and undeserved confidence despite having no experience or idea what I'm doing.

The revised plans:

As is tradition, these failed to approximate any reflection of what went down in reality.

The box:

These are supposed to be dove tails. If you squint, they almost look like it.

While some people can cut dove tails in about 3 minutes, these took me the entire day to get pieced together.

First dry-fit.

It looks like a box!

Glue up

My joinery was super trash. The clamps were the only thing closing down the massive gaps, and I didn't have enough of them, so the ones available got devoted to the "good" side of the box.

Attaching the back

I managed to get a press fit, which may be the most satisfying thing I've ever done in my life.

Drawer construction

Construction of the first drawer went suspiciously smoothly.

First test fit:

It is at this point I really miss software development and its infinite malleability and easy error correction. With the absence of a cmd + z key, I started over the next day to saw off excess and reattach.

Drawer progress continues. Now with additional measuring.

Test fit of the drawers

It's starting to look like a thing!

Final rough assembly


Back in action

It technically holds things (and stuff!), and a solid 2 out of 3 drawers can be loosely described as "working", so I call it a success.

It looks like garbage, but it's my garbage! I forged this garbage with my own two hands!